Our life trees can be delivered with a water based eco-friendly coating. However, it is even more personal to paint the tree in your favorite color. Read the following to see how easy it is.

Most paints will cover the birch plywood on the first coat. Personally, we think that glossy paint is really appealing. Yet, with chalkboard paint you can write down names and birthdays. You can also choose between a single color or to make a multi-colored tree. See here for more (color) inspiration.

To paint tree and trunk

You should use a wide paint roller (twice as wide as shown on the picture) and begin by painting the side of the boards. Next, proceed to the front and the back. Please note that you should not paint the inner side of the small cut on the tree or the trunk (standard). Otherwise, when the paint has dried, you may have trouble fitting them together.

To paint the leaves

Step 1: Use a small paint roller (as shown on the picture) and start by painting the back of the leaf.

Step 2: Paint the sides. We advise you to hold the wooden pin.

Step 3: Paint the front. Keep you roller straight, so you do not touch the inner sides of the circle.

Step 4: Please put a piece of wood or hard plastic between the 2 parts as to make sure they do not stick together while drying. After an hour you can remove the barrier and after half of a day your OnceUponaTree should be dry. You can then place the round photos in the leaves and stick them on the tree.